Announcing Launch of New Site Design named StelianaKX

It has been a while since the project was started and within few days we had a design from, a friend, Kamaleshwar Morjal (aka @kamalx) . That was May of 2011. The logo seemed perfect and appropriate. Since then it has become the symbol of the project and I’d like to thank @kamalx for this vital contribution. He also posted the site design idea for PowerCutsIN on his site here.

Like many other volunteer driven projects, the PowerCutsIN project also faces the problem of people and their time constraints. Kamal and I were dealing with life transitions (job change etc). Due to the time constraint Kamal was not able to work on the design and convert it into a theme for Ushahidi.

September 2012  - one of my friend Steliana Guta, offered to help with the site design and I was excited and asked her if she’d be willing to work on the existing design which would save some time for her. As a result, she was able to convert the design into a usable Ushahidi theme in less than 4 working days! It was really impressive watching her do this quickly and I was glad that she was patient enough to hear by advise and suggestions on integrating the design and learning how the Ushahidi framework worked.

After contributions from three (very) creative minds (Kamalx, me & Steliana) the new design is live on the PowerCutsIN website. The name of the website design is named after its two creators – PowerCutsIN – StelianaKX. I would like to thank them both.


Do share your feedback and suggestions on the design! – and help spread the word.

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  1. Kamal Morjal says:

    Thank you very much for the mention, Ajay! Your perseverance on the project is inspiring and I am sure this is going to touch the lives of many in significant ways in the near future. :)

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