Using data to challenge the status quo

[Guest post by Shefaly Yogendra]

One of the earliest finds of the crowd-sourced Power Cuts In India project was that the problem wasn’t just urban, nor limited to a few cities – although Gurgaon was reportedly the first location to check in so to speak. Reports came thick and fast from across India suggesting a wide-spread problem of mismatch in supply and demand of electricity.

Although it is likely that more reports come in from the domestic sector, power cuts blight the industrial sector too. The adverse effect of these power cuts on on national productivity as well as citizens’ quality of life is anybody’s guess.

How to start to challenge the status quo?

One way would be to use the data from this Project to open a meaningful, data-backed dialogue between citizens on the one hand, and suppliers of electricity as well as policy makers on the other.

Data on power cuts in a city, even a neighbourhood, could be collated, then matched with local production capacity. The awareness can both enable a discussion with suppliers on why supply falls short of demand, as well as enable households to manage consumption/ demand at the consumer end. For instance, power that can be saved by reducing how many devices we keep on stand-by and for how long.

In the comments section below, do share your own views on how the Project can help address this recurrent problem.

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