Story of PowerCuts.IN: How it all started?

It all began on Twitter: [Refer]

  • May 4 2011 03:13 PM – @netra tweets “Power Cut! #santacruz #Mumbai”
  • May 4 2011 03:15 PM – @nixxin replies “If Delhi-NCR started tweeting power cuts like this, it would trend in India all year”
  • May 4 2011 03:17 PM – @shefaly replied “May be you guys SHOULD tweet #powercut with location. The infographic will highlight the need for investment. To many people.”
  • May 4 2011 03:25 PM – @nixxin sends out a call “Please Tweet if there’s a power cut in your area in India this summer; Someone can map it. Format <area> #powercutindia (idea frm @shefaly)”
  • May 4 2011 03:37 PM – @ajuonline asks @nixxin ”where will this mapped?”
  • May 4 2011 03:41 PM – @ajuonline replies to @nixxin “I am setting up the site. It should be up in 5 :)”
  • Site setup by @ajuonline precisely at May 04, 2011 15:41.


With the power of some geeky skills by me @ajuonline (devoting time, code, server space etc) and power of free and open source software Ushahidi, a simple tool for Crowdsourcing Location based information.

The project was started without any definite purpose and direction and purely bv volunteer efforts. It has slowly evolved into what you see on the site now as a result of, as people tell me, ”design thinking” and “persistence” involving a lot of feedback from the community – crowdsourced ideas.

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